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Features a padded back with a heavy...

Elbow Support

Valeo Standard Elbow Support is Terry-lined vented Neoprene with nylon outer shell. Retains heat without moisture build-up. Contour fit. Machine washable


New colours available!

Knee Support

Terry-lined vented neoprene open Patella knee.....

Knee Wraps

Weight Training Knee Wraps. New and Improved ....


A 4" wide padded leather belt with a thick cushioned lumbar...

Lifting Hooks

Sport Deluxe Lifting Hooks with wrist support. Tan Leather

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps lock your hands to the bar in an easy way for that extra grip whilst training.

Ocelot/Valeo Lifting Belt:  4 inch

Triple laminated foam core design provides maximum support.....

Ocelot/Valeo Lifting Belt:  6 inch

Triple laminated foam core design provides maximum support.....

Valeo Glove with Wrist Support

ERGO-FOAM padding for superior grip...

Water Bottle

Nice convenient and stylish looking water jug to fill right to the top, perfect for taking to training with you!

Weight Training Gloves

Made with a padded palm for extra comfort and grip

Wrist Support

Wrist wraps, looped, with velcro fastening.

Wrist Wraps

These wraps provide support...


This product is Ideal for shakes and being used as a water bottle during the day.