Here at Own Logo Supply Company we not only supply quality supplements and drinks but we also supply the necessary equipment to help you increase your sales of the supplements you buy from us.

We can supply fridges. blenders, ice machines and bar stands.  For more information please contact us.

Fridges are available to customers with a minimum weekly spend.
Drinks that are kept cool sell better than those kept at room temperature, so increase sales today and display your drinks clearly in one of our fridges
H 198cm
W 61cm
D 65 cm    (These dimensions may vary)

There is nothing worse than a lumpy protein shakes so our machines with Advanced Blending Control deliver one touch blending.  Press the button and close the lid and the blender completes the cycle automatically leaving you to serve the next customer. Lift the lid and the blender stops, preventing injury and misuse.

Ice Makers
Protein shakes always test better cold, so add some ice to increase your mix up sales!