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Why Choose Us


One stop shop
Our distribution centre holds over 750 products and 40 different brands including everything from water to energy bars.

Exclusive Products
Our extensive range of products includes top quality brands and products that are exclusive to us due to our purchasing power and trusted reputation by supplement manufacturers. That means they are exclusive to you!

Retail Price Protected
Because of our purchasing power and exclusive products, we work hard to ensure that pricing integrity is maintained on our core range of products. This means that your business is protected from discounted sales via the Internet or even by your current supplier discounting to your customers!!!

Full Sales Support
We provide our customers with all the sales tools they need, from sharing our wealth of knowledge & experience, to providing promotional material such as posters.

Weekly Delivery
We are one of the very few supplement distributors that provides weekly deliveries. What’s more is your order will be personally delivered by one of our own friendly drivers. What if your area is not covered by our vans – no need to worry we work in partnership with several courier and logistic companies and can normally get your order to you within 24 hours!

Over 100 years of combined experience
Our management team brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the leisure and fitness industry that you can have total faith and trust in our expertise.

Probably the Largest Independent distributor in the UK
we are a family run business big continuing to provide a professional service without compromising on that personal touch.