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Carbo Load

by QNT
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SKU QNT-001-1

24 x 700ml

This drink (to take before and during workout) consists of carbohydrates and pure fruit
juices. To help maintain a good physical performance during an intensive training caffeine,
guarana extract and ginseng extract were added.  This contribution of energy will spare your stocks of glycogen and maintain a regular performance. Every sportsman knows how important it is to stay properly hydrated before, during and after an effort. One bottle of Carbo Load will contribute efficiently to your body’s hydration and reinforce, maintain and recover your energy stocks.


  • Contains pure fruit juice
  • Improves endurance and muscle strength
  • Helps fight fatigue
  • Flavour: superfruit and lemon-lime
  • Packaging: 700 ml
  • Use: minimum 1/2 bottle before and during training session

For intense and prolonged efforts, take half a bottle 15 minutes before training and the rest during training. Take another bottle one hour after the end of the effort to hydrate your body and recover the best way possible.