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Maxi Muscle Protein Dippers

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Protein Dippers

These fun and tasty Protein Dippers are another great way to add protein to your diet, at your convenience. Our Protein Dippers have been formulated with additional whey protein in the Chocolate Hazelnut spread which is superb for dipping with the crunchy breadsticks! They have been specially created to deliver almost 10g of protein in each pot, which can support muscle maintenance, growth and development as part of an active lifestyle with an optimal diet. Our Protein Dippers are the perfect nostalgic treat for the fun-loving protein fan!

Maximuscle Guarantee

Maximuslce Protein Dippers are made without artificial flavours and colours. They have no added sugar and they are also free from Palm Oil; which makes them kinder to the environment too! As with our entire product range, each batch or our Protein Dippers are screened for banned substances and accredited on the Informed-Sport programme.

When To Use

Our Protein Dippers are a fun snack to add a little bit more protein to your diet throughout the day. Consume Protein Dippers as a snack any time in the day or night to conveniently increase protein intake. They are also suitable for Vegetarians!

12 x 52g Pots