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Protein + Oats

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LOVE MUSCLE'S supplements have been designed to ensure that you get an outstanding quality protein product with an unbelievably good taste. We take as much care selecting our flavours as we do selecting our raw ingredients.  This ensures our customers get a superior tasting, high quality protein shake every time, at the most affordable price.

PROTEIN +OATS is a convenient breakfast protein supplement containing 41g of protein when mixed with milk.  What ever sport you partake in, it is essential you start the day off properly, you need to give your
body the fuel it requires to train hard, recover and repair.

Use LOVE MUSCLE'S  PROTEIN +OATS anytime during the day or night to boost your protein intake, either on its own, or as a dessert with a meal.  For a shake:  Mix 1 scoop in a blender or shaker with 150 - 200mls of milk. For a gooey breakfast or dessert: Mix 1 scoop with 75mls of milk.  You may want to add some chopped fruit or nuts, why not give it a try!