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Uproar Extreme

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Enhanced Labs is a UK based sports supplements brand. Their focus is on specialist, highly focused products for the serious weight trainer. Enhanced Labs Uproar is their first product which has taken the gym fraternity by storm due to its effectiveness and rapid word of mouth reputation.

Preworkouts like Uproar don't enter the supplement market all that often, in fact since the original Jack3D and DS Craze, this is the first true super powered pre training supplement to hit the shelves.

Why buy Enhanced Labs Uproar? Basically, it hits the 3 big 'musts' for this type of supplement; it ramps up training intensity, it produces a big spike in strength, and it gives a massive surge in muscular workout endurance.

Firstly, Uproar triggers mental pathways that create drive and motivation, so you'll feel a strong desire to train, and train hard even if your were initially tired. Next, Uproar stimulates the adrenal system, causing a rise in the hormone that creates the 'fight or flight' feelings. You'll now feel strong, geared up to train intensely, and your whole body will be committed to perform.


Uproar includes AAKG, Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine in high dosages to enhance and extend Nitric Oxide production. Your workouts will never be the same, feel the UPROAR.

Size:  240g