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With its formula enriched with an extract of guarana seed (Paullinia Cupana) and anhydrous caffeine, our new KICK drink guarantees you a rapid and long energy supply to support you during your most intense sessions or to keep you powerful all day long.

Maxi Carbs + BCAA's

Each 500ml bottle delivers 60g carbs with 260Kcal and 4000mg of BCAAs 2-1-1 . Maxi Carbs are currently available in 2 lip-smacking, thirst quenching flavours. 

Maxi Force

Maxi Force is a Guarana Extract & Caffeine drink with added Vitamin C to contribute to the reduction of the effects of tiredness and fatigue.

Maxi Force Shots

Maxi Force Watermelon Flavour Pre-Workout supplement containing Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, Taurine and Niacin intended for an intense workout.

Protein Shake (Glass Bottle)

A high-protein high-carbohydrate drink this is a great protein shake to have...

Protein Shake Carton: 12 x 330ml

Made with whey protein, they bring huge quantities of high biological...